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Hey there, I'm Lisa G, the rebel heart behind 'Straight Out of Cosmo'. I'm here to shake up your hairstyling world. Tired of the same old drill? I've got your back. We're talking real skills, real talk, and real results. With my straight-shooting advice, you're not just learning – you're evolving, salon warrior style. Get ready to crush it in the beauty world with killer techniques and a dose of my classic, no-filter attitude. So, are you ready to level the f*ck up with me? Let's turn your stylist dreams into badass reality. Welcome to SoC – where we set the beauty world on fire!

Chief Badass Boss & Hairstyling Rebel

Lisa G

Hey, I'm Lisa G, the kickass brain behind 'Straight Out of Cosmo'. I'm all about flipping hairstyling education on its head. As CEO, I'm here to dish out real-deal skills and no-BS wisdom, empowering you to own the beauty world like a boss.

Vibes & Communications Maestro

Taylor Smith

I'm Taylor Smith, the VP and Communications guru at 'Straight Out of Cosmo'. As a hairstyling pro with a heart for mental health, I'm bringing depth and heart to our world. Teaming up with Lisa, I'm all about building a community where your styling skills and personal journey collide awesomely.

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