Marketing Magic

Marketing Magic

Transform your salon’s visibility and client engagement with the "Marketing Magic" bundle, your essential toolkit for crafting a powerful marketing strategy. This bundle is tailored for stylists and salon owners who want to captivate their target audience, build meaningful community connections, and showcase their unique brand identity through smart, effective marketing techniques.

This bundle features four dynamic workbooks: Branding and Identity, Community Involvement and Collaboration, Marketing Strategies, and Photography and Portfolio Building. Each guide delves into key aspects of marketing in the beauty industry, from developing a distinctive brand that resonates with your clientele to leveraging community projects and collaborations for broader reach. Learn how to capture and share your work in ways that attract attention and build an impressive portfolio that speaks volumes about your skills and style.

With Lisa G’s expert insights into salon marketing, the "Marketing Magic" bundle doesn’t just teach you the basics—it helps you weave the extraordinary into your everyday business practices. Whether you’re refreshing your brand, increasing your community involvement, or revamping your marketing approach, these resources equip you with the knowledge to make informed, impactful decisions. Ready to work some marketing magic? Let’s ignite your salon’s potential and watch your business grow—one strategic campaign at a time!

Price: $280.00

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