Product Prodigy Power Pack

Product Prodigy Power Pack

Raise your expertise and boost your salon's retail success with the "Product Prodigy Power Pack," designed for stylists who want to deepen their understanding of professional hair care products and excel in retail sales. This bundle equips you with the knowledge to not only select the best products for your clients but also to effectively communicate their benefits, driving sales and enhancing client satisfaction.

This compact yet powerful bundle includes three insightful workbooks: Advanced Product Knowledge, Choosing Products, and Product Knowledge and Retailing. Each guide focuses on essential aspects of salon product expertise—from understanding advanced formulations and their benefits to making informed choices that align with client needs and preferences. You'll also learn how to turn your product knowledge into a persuasive selling point, enhancing your clients' experiences and boosting your salon's profitability.

With Lisa G's expert guidance, the "Product Prodigy Power Pack" doesn't just inform you about products—it transforms you into a product guru who can advise, sell, and build trust with authority. Ready to revolutionize your approach to salon retail? Let's unleash your inner product prodigy and watch your business flourish—one successful sale at a time!

Price: $210.00

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