Salon Operations Masterclass

Salon Operations Masterclass

Take control of your salon’s daily operations and navigate the modern challenges of the beauty industry with confidence. The "Salon Operations Master Class" bundle is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to efficiently manage and enhance your salon's functionality and safety.

This bundle includes five critical workbooks tailored to optimize your salon operations: Day-to-Day Management/Accounting, Digital Transformation of Salon Business, Online Booking and Scheduling Systems, Salon Health and Safety, and Salon Safety and Hygiene. Each guide is filled with targeted advice and actionable strategies to streamline your processes, implement cutting-edge technology, and ensure your salon exceeds industry standards in health and safety.

With Lisa G’s expert guidance, you can transform your salon into a well-oiled machine, equipped to handle the demands of the digital age while maintaining the highest levels of customer care and compliance. This bundle doesn’t just teach you how to run a salon—it empowers you to lead it towards operational excellence. Ready to elevate your salon’s operations? Let’s enhance your managerial prowess and safeguard your business, one step at a time!

Price: $350.00

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