Make Box Color your B*tch

Make Box Color your B*tch

Listen up, stylists! Tired of clients walking in with box color disasters thinking it's an easy fix? It’s time to show them who’s boss. Welcome to "Make Box Color Your B*tch," the ultimate masterclass where you learn to turn those box color woes into woahs! This ain't just a class; it's your new superpower.

Who’s It For? For the fearless, the bold, and every stylist who’s ever cringed at the words “I did it myself at home.” If you’re ready to flip the script on box color corrections and turn challenges into your most requested fixes, you’re in the right place.

What You'll Conquer:

  • Box Color 101: Understand your enemy to beat it at its own game. We’ll dive into what makes box dye tick (and how to untick it).
  • Correction Techniques: Learn the secrets to correcting uneven tones, banding nightmares, and those not-so-cute “I wanted blonde but got orange” moments.
  • Color Theory Mastery: Get to grips with the color wheel like never before. It’s not just about fixing, it’s about creating magic.
  • Client Consultation Like a Pro: How to set realistic expectations and win your client's trust before you even start mixing.
  • Business Boosting Strategies: Price these services right, market them like a hot cake, and watch your bookings skyrocket.

Why This Class Kicks Ass:

  • Real-Life Solutions: No fluff, just real strategies that work. Get ready for hands-on demos that’ll have you fixing box color like a wizard.
  • Build Client Loyalty: Be the stylist that can fix the unfixed. Hello, clients for life!
  • Earn More Dough: Specialized services mean you can charge what you’re worth. Say goodbye to penny-pinching and hello to premium pricing.

Location: Right where you need us, ready to transform your skills.

Date & Time: [Insert Date Here] - Spots are as scarce as a good box dye job, so snag yours fast!

Your Investment: Think of this as investing in a stock that only goes up – your career. With these skills, you’ll be cashing in on services others shy away from.

Ready to Rule? Hit ‘Add to Cart’ and prep for a game-changer. “Make Box Color Your B*tch” is more than a class—it’s your next level. Let’s get this bread and leave box dye in the dust. 🌪️💇‍♀️

Price: $300.00

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