The Bullsh*t Behind the Business: Virtual Edition

The Bullsh*t Behind the Business: Virtual Edition

Tired of glossy business advice that skips the gritty truth? Dive into “The Bullsh*t Behind the Business: Virtual Edition,” your no-BS guide to mastering salon management from the comfort of your space. This virtual workshop is a raw look at the chaos of running a salon, from financial snafus and client drama to team management and the legal jargon that trips you up.

Why It's a Must:

  • Straight Talk: Real insight into the mess of salon management, no sugar coating.
  • Virtual Convenience: Gain actionable strategies and industry secrets without stepping out.
  • Toolkit Included: Leave with resources and a clear action plan to tackle your business head-on.

Who Should Join? Salon owners and stylists ready for a real talk on thriving amidst the industry’s chaos. If you’re looking for fluffy advice, this ain’t it. We’re here to arm you with strategies that work.

What You Get:

  • Interactive sessions on overcoming business hurdles.
  • Replay access to soak up all that knowledge at your pace.
  • Exclusive resources to implement straight away.

Take Action: Ready for truth and tactics over tales? Click ‘Add to Cart’ for a workshop that delivers salon success without the bullsh*t. Let’s build your empire on solid ground. 🚀💇‍♀️

Price: $99.00

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